CNC Press Brake Forming

Cutting edge metal forming

Aluminum Line Products offers precision press brake forming and metal bending services. ALPCO utilizes brake presses from 80 to 250 tons to manufacture metal components to customers’ specifications.

A press brake, also known as a brake press, is used for bending sheet metal and other materials into desired shapes. The specifications of a press brake are typically broken down into two main categories, force of the machine and working length. The process involves placing the piece of sheet metal between two parts of the machine that are referred to as the punch and die. The die is in the shape of the desired product and the punch forces the metal down into the die. The process bends the metal at the precise angle desired by using the right amount of force and correct punch and die combination.

ALPCO is committed to staying on the cutting edge in terms of technology, and our newest machine the Amada HG2204 Precision 247 Ton Brake is part of that commitment. Thanks to the advantages of the machine we are able to take on just about any press brake forming request. We are devoted to serving our customers’ needs, and this machine is the perfect fit.

We are proud of our reputation for manufacturing the highest quality precision metal parts that meet or exceed your expectations.

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ALPCO Capability
Amada HG 2204 13 Foot, 247 Ton Precision Hydraulic Press Brake
Amada HRB 1003 10 Foot, 110 Ton Precision Hydraulic Press Brake
Cincinnati 14 Foot, 175 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
Amada 10 Foot, 100 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
Betenbender 16 Foot, 80 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake
All Press Brakes are CNC, Multi-axis and share a Library of Precision Ground Sectional Tooling.