For over 60 years, Aluminum Line’s Aftermarket group has been supplying custom and fabricated components to the commercial transportation industry.

With our in-house engineering and production capabilities, mill resources, and in-depth industry knowledge we continue to be effective in growing and servicing our Aftermarket body component line. This allows us to provide more flexibility to serve the needs of the repair market.  ALPCO offers a broad range of Aluminum and Stainless Steel body components and can also customize to your specification.

ALPCO is committed to staying on the cutting edge in terms of technology and fabrication as we see the number of trailers on the road increasing.  Thanks to the advantages of new technology we are able to take on just about any commercial transportation part request. We are devoted to serving our customers’ needs, and we are proud of our reputation for manufacturing the highest quality precision metal parts that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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Commercial Trailers

  1. ROOF SHEET – Aluminum and Translucent
  2. SIDE WALL – Pre-Painted Aluminum, Composite, Stainless Steel, Available in Coil, Flat & Pre-Punched Sheets and Corrugated Sheets
  3. CORRUGATED PANELS – Available in a variety of Profiles – Available in Stainless Steel & Pre-Painted
  4. CORNER POST – Aluminum, Galvanized Corner Liner, Stainless Steel and Extruded Aluminum. Available in Rolled Radius and Pre-Punched Corrugated Panels
  1. FRONT ROOF RADIUS – Aluminum & Stainless Steel, and Extruded Aluminum. Available in Rolled Radius and Pre-Punched
  2. ROOF BOWS – Extruded Aluminum and Galvanized Steel
  3. NOSE RAIL – Extruded Aluminum
  4. SIDE POST – Extruded Aluminum and Galvanized Steel
  5. CROSS MEMBERS – Extruded Aluminum
  1. DOOR BLANKS – Quilted and Composite Hardware & Gaskets Available
  2. FLOORING – Extruded Aluminum, Aluminum Tread Plate, Plastic and Galvanized Steel
  3. SCUFF LINER – Extruded Aluminum, Aluminum Tread Plate, and Galvanized Steel
  4. MANIFEST BOXES/DOCMENT HOLDERS – Standard Sizes 8″ x 13″ and 12″ x 14″
  1. SKYLIGHT – Standard Skylights Size 12″ Diameter.  Custom Sizes Available
  3. DOOR HINGES – Extruded Aluminum (with and without inserts)
  4. DOOR FRAMES – Stainless and Galvanized Steel
  5. CORNER PROTECTOR – Tread Bright and Mill Finish Beveled Style (with or without offset)